Healthy Nutella


Why Is This Good For Me?

Vegan/Gluten Free/Dairy Free/Processed Sugar Free

Wow if you love nutella you will love this healthy alternative! I have taken one of my favourite treats growing up and changed it into a healthy version so I can still enjoy a big fat spoonful without feeling guilty. Not only does this taste great, hazelnuts are healthy for the heart, high in manganese (for bone formation) and copper (ion absorption). Raw Cacao is considered a superfood as it’s loaded with antioxidants, magnesium, and essential fatty acids. Don’t get confused when your shopping for cacao,  because there is also cacoa that is roasted and processed making it unhealthy. My heathy nutella is so simple, easy to make and has so many amazing health benefits.


  • 1 1/2 cups of raw hazelnuts
  • 3 big tablespoons of raw cacao
  • 4 tablespoons of Xylitol ( all-natural sugar substitute derived from birch tree bark and wont spike insulin levels) you can also use Maple syrup or Stevia.
  • 200g organic silken tofu

How To Make:

  1. Preheat oven to 160 degrees and place the hazels nuts on a baking tray. bake for 10-15 mins or until the brown outer layer starts to peel off.
  2. Using a tea towel, place hazelnuts in the towel and vigorously rub together until the outer brown layer is off. (don’t worry if you can’t get it all off)
  3. Imagefirst blend the hazelnuts in a food processor or high powered blender until it forms a nut butter.Image
  4. Now add all remaining ingredients in the food processor until combined.
  5. Store in a medium sized air tight jar in the fridge.

Enjoy xx


2 thoughts on “Healthy Nutella

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